Don't Wait Too Long If you're facing Foreclosure!

If you are facing foreclosure, and want to keep your home, please do not wait! Consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible!

Many people, through the loss of a job or a medical reason, fall behind on their mortgage payments. If you fall far enough behind, and default on the mortgage, the lender will initiate foreclosure proceedings. This can result in losing your home.

Did you know that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you save your home by catching up on the mortgage arrears? However, if you want to assert your rights in a Chapter 13, it really does you no good to wait until the last minute to file. If you wait too long, (meaning right before the forced sale) the mortgage arrears will keep on accumulating to the point where it will be impossible to pay them back.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, such as burdensome credit card debt or are facing a foreclosure – do not wait! It can really cost you. It does not hurt to get a consultation from a qualified bankruptcy lawyer. It can really save you eventually.